Evergreen franchise "Belka & Strelka" has created on bases of flight of first living beings Russian dogs at Space. It is one of the most profitable animation brands, which is trusted and in great demand among consumers. 3 full-length films and 3 animated series have been released about the famous astronaut dogs, the broadcast of which does not leave the main TV and digital channels of the country, as well as from leading foreign TV channels (Epic is worldwide disributor), showing consistently high popularity ratings.


Target Audience: 0-12 years old. Together with their favorite characters, children learn about the world around them, learn and develop.

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The history of the brand begins with the release of the big screens in 2010 the first full-length film "Belka and Strelka. Star Dogs",  based on the history of the first astronaut dogs - Belka and Strelka - who paved the way for all mankind into space. The film was shot with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Federal Space Agency "Roskosmos". It was the first Russian full-length film with the ability to view in 3D, it was shown in more than 160 countries, translated into 45 languages!

After a brilliant start, the production company KinoAtis in partnership with VGTRK in 2011 launch the animated series "Belka and Strelka. A Mischievous Family" about children (puppies) of dogs with broadcast on the leading central channels of Russia and the CIS (Russia 1, Carousel, etc.) in such top programs as "Good night, kids!" The series consists of 104 episodes and is still broadcast on a huge number of TV and digital platforms.

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In 2014 a sequel was released on the big screens - the full-length cartoon "Belka and Strelka: Lunar Adventures". In 2014, another television project with favorite characters was also released - the comedy-adventure animated series "Belka and Strelka. Sports Team", timed to coincide with the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

In 2018 the brand has received an update - along with the broadcast "Belka and Strelka. Mischievous family", a new educational animated series "Belka and Strelka. Cosmos Secrets" was launched. The 1st season is planned (52 episodes, 20 are already on air). The series tells the story of an international team of Russian and American cosmonauts who are building a joint lunar module, hand in hand completing various tasks from Earth, along the way explaining interesting natural phenomenon and space mysteries to young viewers.

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In september 2020 the 3rd full-length film "Belka and Strelka. Caribbean Secret" was released on the big screens.