We are a licensing agency with a huge experience and history. We do not work, we do what we love, what inspires us and gives a pleasure!

We do not follow a well-trodden road and do not think by patterns, we open new ways of business development together with our partners, find new categories of products and services for licensing, and open up new licensees to the market!

Confirmation of this is simple:

1) it was the european licensing agency "Kidz Entertainment", whose successor we are, that signed the first DTR (direct to retail contract) with "X5 Retail Group" with the "Ice Age" brand, and the second DTR with Metro Cash&Carry with "Masha and the Bear" brand in the Russian licensing history;

2) we opened the "Masha and the Bear" brand to Russia and the world by launching a large-scale licensing program;

3) we are the only ones who combine experience of animation, art-style, and celebrity brands, having expertise in both the children's and adult segment of goods and services;

4) we have real unlicensed experience in Food and Non-food trade as with chain retail (entered from the street to Auchan, X5 Retail Group etc.), as well as with independent retail outlets;

5) we have opened the largest number of licensees to the license market, and we also have a huge database of existing and potential licensees.

Thus, our experience allows us to build a license program for any brand, implementing it in various sectors of the consumer market, in all product categories - from sweets to alcohol, and for any target audience - from pre-school children to adults. We will find product manufacturers who will pay you a fee for the opportunity to use your brand!