The market of goods and services is oversaturated, it is almost impossible to create a product with some new characteristics, everything has already been created, all the basic physiological needs of a person are met, it is impossible to highlight a product on the shelf.

What should we do in this situation? The answer lies in the emotional sphere - the consumer market has become a market of the impressions. The customer is no longer interested in a product that only meets their physiological needs, he needs impressions! He will make a choice in favor of your proposal only if it is "targeted to the brain" and not in "the belly". And such impressions can be provided not by a product, but by a BRAND! Today's market is a brand market!

You can create your own brand yourself, but to do this, you need to have a huge marketing budget for promoting and maintaining top positions, which not every big company can allow not to mention a medium and small businesses. What to do?

There is a way out! You can release a product under a popular brand or co-branding with it by purchasing a license for it. This progressive marketing tool allows you to:

1) attract attention and increase awareness of your product by using a well-known brand;

2) increase brand loyalty by identifying brand values with your product;

3) expand the audience of your customers by attracting the target audience of the brand, open new sales channels (network retail, for example) at the expense of a well-known/popular brand;

4) reduce the cost of promoting an existing product or introducing a new one to the market.