We are the Russian licensing Agency "PARACHUTE", the successor of the European licensing agency "Kidz Entertainment" (INK Group).


For more than 13 years, we have been launching licensed programs in the consumer goods and services sector. Our expertise includes international and Russian experience in the licensing industry, as well as deep knowledge of the Russian trade segment, we know the trade from the inside!

We are the only licensing agency in Russia that combines experience with animation, art-style and celebrity brands.

We had been creating a licensing direction in the TV-holding CTC, implementing license programs for the movie serials (Daddy's Daughters, Ranetki, Cadetship, etc.).

we collaborated with the production studio of the First channel (Pervy kanal) "Red square" with TV talk shows brands - "Fashion verdict", "Let's get married", "Control purchase", etc.

launched a license program for the world-famous brand "Masha and the Bear»

we've signed a direct contract (the second in the history of Russian licensing) with an international retailer Metro C&C.

we have worked with many Russian and foreign right-holders, including well-known international film studios

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