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Marketing Licensing Agency Parachute, лицензионное агентство парашют, Parachute licensing, Парашют лайсенсинг

Market of goods and services is oversaturated, it is almost impossible to make a product with some new features, everything has already been created, all the basic physiological needs of a person are satisfied. How do you make your product stand out on the shelf?

Answer lies in the emotional area - consumer market turned out into an impression market. Buyer is no longer interested in a product that will only satisfy his physiological needs, he needs to get emotions! He will make a choice in favor of your proposal only if it is "aimed in the brain" and not "at the stomach." And it is not the product, but the BRAND can provide such impressions to him! Today's market is a Brands market!

You can create your own brand by yourself, but for this you need to have a huge marketing budget for promoting and maintaining top positions, which not every large company can afford, not to mention medium and small businesses. What to do?


There is a solution! You can issue your product under an already well-known and promoted brand or co-brand with it by purchasing a license for it. This progressive marketing tool will allow you to:

  1. attract attention and increase awareness of your product by using a well-known brand;

  2. increase loyalty to your trade mark by identifying brand values with your product;

  3. expand the audience of your customers by attracting the target audience of the brand, open new distribution channels (chain retail, for a example) through a well-known brand;

  4. reduce the cost of promoting an existing product or introducing a new product to the market.


Marketing Licensing Agency Parachute, лицензионное агентство парашют, Parachute licensing, Парашют лайсенсинг

We are agency with vast experience and history. We do not work, but do what we love, what inspires us and gives us pleasure!

Thanks to our creativity we open up new ways of business development together with our partners, find new categories of products and services for licensing, open new licensees!

  • European licensing agency "Kids Entertainment", which we are the successor of, signed the first DTR (Direct To Retail - a direct contract with a retailer) with “X5 Retail Group“ (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel chain stores) under the "Ice Age" brand, and signed the second DTR deal with “Metro Cash&Carry” under the "Masha and the Bear" brand in Russian licensing history;

  • we opened the "Masha and the Bear" brand to Russia and the whole world by launching a large-scale licensing program at time when no one knew this brand and no one believed in it;

  • we were the first in Russia to open such types of licensing as Film series and TV talk-show brands, and we are also one of the few progenitors of licensing for the Animation, Art style and Show business (Celebrity) industries, having expertise in both children's and adult segments of goods and services;

  • we have a direct experience in Food and Non-food trade with both chain retailers and independent outlets.

Thus, our experience allows us to build a licensing program for any brand, implementing it in various sectors of the consumer market, in all product categories - from sweets to alcohol, and for any target audience - from preschoolers to adults.

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